• Lost for words.

    Words. They are my art, they are my expression, they are my explanation. Yet when I try to write what you are, when I try to write what you mean, my words fail me. None of them ring, none of them sing a tune so sweet as the one I try to compare. None of these words make the image of the beauty I am trying to recreate. I can say that you are beautiful. I can say that you are intelligent. I can say that you are perfection personified. I can say that you are a light in the bleakness of normality and that you are the beacon that retains my sanity. Yet although they are true, they are false. They are not good enough, not powerful enough to represent you. I can say that you are the most poetic creature ever to breathe, the purest to ever have thought. I can say that you are worth more than all the stars, worth more than the moon and the sun, say that they are darkened beside you and that you outshine them tenfold. This would be unquestionably true, yet still incomparable to what you are. These words talk of something amazing, yet still they compare you to other things, they compare you with second rate beauty , when you are worth more than to be compared. You are something different, you are something unknown to this world or words, you are someone who is nothing like what I can compare you to. You surpass them all, you destroy there beauty as if it were nothing. Beside you, there is no angel that can claim to be better, no god that can claim to be more. Nothing can recreate you, no words I can spin, no painting which can be made, no photo which can be taken. They are all insignificant, all meaningless, and all to weak to explain what you are, to show your true beauty. No form of art can reach such a level as to explain you. No mind is advanced enough to truly comprehend. And so I am sorry, but you go beyond what I know. Beautiful, loving, kind, pure, perfect in nearly every sence. All words to describe you, yet all fail in there attempts to do so.

    ~H. David Clarke~
    Thursday, June 5, 2009