• Fall. Not the season, but the action of coming down.
    Gravity. The force that pulls us closer to the ground.
    Pain. Physical, mental, emotional discomfort.
    Shock. Paralyzed, unable to move, restrained by the hurt.
    Shame. You want to cower, just run away and hide.
    Reflection. Catching sight of the locked feelings inside.
    Mask. Carefully hide the shock, ignore the pain.
    Rush. Get away from the voices and shame.
    Snap. Tears pour heavily in overflow.
    Cold. Your heart is frozen and nobody even knows.

    You fell by the force of gravity.
    The pain, shock, and shame beat you down.
    Reflect on your failure, then mask the hurt inside.
    Rush towards the snap of a frozen heart.

    Then you rise.
    Because pain can be overrided.
    You rise.
    Frozen hearts can be melted.
    Just rise.
    The law of gravity was meant to be broken.
    Shame? Doesn't matter what they think.
    You rise.

    Have you fallen?
    Felt pain?
    Been beaten down?
    Paralyzed by the shock?
    Unable to move?

    Gravity can't hold you down.

    Have you fallen?
    Get up. Get off the ground. Get off your knees.
    And rise.