• Summer heat and long hot days, vibrant sun, your warmth betrays.
    Chokes the life and sucks it dry, from every offspring of Nature's eye.
    Shrivel roses, burn the grass, scorch your way to what won't last.
    your heat will fade oh summer maid, may fall take over and cool your ways
    but my sweet fall, you do me wrong. You dishonour this Earth with your chilled song.
    leaves gone crisp, dry and dead. Your beauty in colours from green to red.
    You make way for death's approach, you are welcoming winter's boast.
    Winter are you vibrant and plenty. Or are you bitter, enough to bury this city.
    Yes you are, so freeze this ground, a frozen funeral of such beauty profound.
    You kill the living with your icy kiss, but you freeze my heart in a state of bliss
    for all is white, and all is pure, Winter are you my loving lure.
    No spring don't, you vicious fool, melting the blanket that kept me cool.
    Where's the beauty, you erased it all, teaming with summer like winter to fall.
    roses revive from a frozen earth, as rain dampens and nurtures the once cold dirt.
    Do not destroy a purified world, spring, you monster, you foolish girl.
    Yes, that is she, the one whom I loved
    the woman of dreams that I knew nothing of
    deceived by her voice which fell like rain
    and soaked my heart til love became pain
    now she walks on, as if she did well
    killing the pure, and reviving this hell.
    you are the reason for the season
    you are the queen amongst my heart's treason.
    goodbye fair beauty, I wish you no words
    for the ones that matter are the ones never heard.