• She stumbles in.
    I know shes been drinking.
    She was gone all night.
    What was she thinking?

    She yells at me.
    Shakes her fist.
    No reason to yell,
    But shes still pissed.

    She blasts the TV.
    I lie in my room.
    She curses the sky.
    I hear a boom.

    Im scared to death.
    What will i find?
    This always happens.
    It blows my mind.

    I walk out slowly.
    Shes out on the floor.
    I prop up her head.
    This has happened before.

    I make the dinner.
    I clean and cook.
    Shes still on the floor.
    I wonder how many shots she took.

    I finished and cleaned up.
    I sit in a chair.
    I watch her sleep.
    I play with her hair.

    I tried to wake her.
    She didnt awake.
    Her eyes stayed closed.
    I began to shake.

    She wasnt waking.
    Her heart beat was slow.
    Her eyes stayed closed.
    Her breathing was low.

    I called 911.
    I was shaking in fear.
    I wanted my mom.
    But she wasnt here.

    The guys checked her and frowned.
    I knew she was dead.
    My neighbor came and hugged me.
    I couldnt hear what she said.

    They rolled her away.
    I sat down and cry.
    She was still young.
    I looked up and asked why?

    I went to the funeral.
    They asked me to speak.
    I was ready to talk.
    I had practiced all week.

    I spoke words from my heart.
    I made everyone cry.
    The words were simple and sweet.
    Why did she die?

    I moved away.
    I moved in with my dad.
    He works too much.
    Its not that bad.

    I still remember my mom.
    She is always with me.
    I kept all her stuff.
    She was the greatest a mother could be.

    I look up at the sky.
    Im feeling blue.
    My last words to my mom:
    I love you.