• Ware the Fang, the fair maiden did sing.
    Hush little one, hush your cries, above the corpse, floats the flies.
    The village burns, as the children sniffles, holding his burning eyes.
    Over his parents, the flies they lay.
    Into the arms of the caring he goes
    But they are furry, and warm, and he suckled milk from the teat of woes.
    The wolf, nursing the human babe, staining his lips with feral milk
    Ware the fang, the fair maiden sang
    Remorse, converse, not with these beasts, those beasts, are alive.
    Go ahead, the blood is a rage, in which they dive
    When the boy, he was tall, and strongly built
    Was life's cruelty harshly dealt.
    The woman that doth sang the song
    She is died and gone away
    He then turned to the wolf, accepting the moon as mother
    He accepted the wolves as his sisters and brother.
    Soon flesh was replaced by fur
    Tooth by fang
    A howl wracked the air
    Now the newborn sang, BEWARE THE FANG.