• I sit watching,
    As the day I know fades away,
    Shadows and darkness take the place of sunlight and play,
    Some say,
    To have something beautiful,
    There has to be something grim afterwards,
    My sunset exchanged for blackness,
    Seems about right,
    I run in the darkness,
    Everything has changed,
    Animals have deserted this place,
    Only silence remains,
    I stumble and fall,
    As I wonder away to somewhere unfamiliar,
    If I could only get to the cliff,
    The cliff where everything is made better,
    Where light can be seen in even the darkest nights,
    I climb to the top,
    Below me,
    Raging ocean,
    Twinkling stars,

    As the sun begins to rise,
    I make my way back down,
    As the land is flooded with light,
    I sleep.