• delicate snowflakes flying
    falling to ground
    covering the ground with pure with
    cooling down the earth
    staying inside my home
    looking out the window
    watching every snowflake melting to your window
    outside walking along the street
    with your breath showing in the air
    cooling me down
    with the nice breeze blowing at me
    standing there to be alone
    alone and quiet
    having my own time
    what i wanted it to be
    with no one by standing by my side
    waiting waiting for what?
    someone to come but don't know what will happen
    rather standing alone having our my own time
    no one bothering me
    no one to ask for really
    nothing special
    winter is when i want my own time
    with no one clinging to me
    being alone is my thing
    but in winter
    its when its special
    when everything is relaxing me
    being clam
    no frustraion
    standing in the cold is no problem for me
    asking me questions aren't you cold?
    shaking my head
    because i like it
    winter is for me