• The snow__ is on the ground_____
    the snowflakes are falling quietly____
    While the Earth sleeps peacefully_____
    The sight___ is beautiful
    but, something is missing__
    My mommy__ is in the kitchen
    but my daddy is not here___
    I dont know where he is__
    So__ I sit in front of the window__
    wating for daddy to come___home_
    Its now the night before christmas__
    but daddy is still not here
    mommy is weeping softly and i don't know why___
    So I sit in front of the window___
    waiting for daddy__ to come home___
    Its Christmas day now__
    Daddy is still not home___
    My mommy__ asks me if I got everything i wanted
    I say no__ I want daddy home___
    Daddy is coming home she said
    when is daddy coming home_____
    There was a knock at the door and my mommy let out a sob
    She opened the door crying__
    My daddy was standing in the doorway___ in an army uniform smiling__
    my daddy came home___
    Daddy came home___
    Daddy______ came___ home__ on Christmas______________