• Im wide awake and feel like a thousand god hammers striking me over and over
    Wide awake and I feel blots of thunder crashing down on me, relentlessly
    Maelstroms of lightning, whirlwinds of thunder,
    And gusts of wild lightning and unlengthed sparkles of doom
    There is no limit to how hard and fast it strikes,
    There is no limit to your might
    No sadness nor sorrow, no happiness or joy, only waves of the purest form of pain and agony
    It hurts so excruiciatingly, even immortals cannot possess such natural endurance for this
    O Zeus, God of Olympus your wrath is indeed as wretched as they say
    your powers, they seem even more limitless than I could have ever imagined
    I pray that this madness of pain and torment come to an end
    For I am mortal, I am no wraith nor specter
    I try to sleep like the dead but the pain of all mankind reaches me before I can fall into slumber
    Wide awake I feel your anger tearing me apart
    I feel it get through, come and go like a blind stallion
    Jumping over hedges of 6 feet tall
    Wild and free, bashing every barrier
    With it heeds I feel it snapping like a twig
    All I see is an ocean of darkness and it’s yellow reflections below its surface
    Carrying the pain of the world on my shoulders
    And I am not blind nor deaf
    but In my mind can see your lightning like I see my fingers, I can hear, the terrifying roars of thunder
    I can feel its fire still raging long after, flames stronger than that of Hades
    Will this ever end.. of course its rhetorical
    And yet, hope may reside
    But only you, Athena only you can calm his unmatched fury, alleviate the pain
    and finally end this devastating rampage
    For if you did, I would be so divinely bewitched, bestowed, no.. better yet.. blessed by a goddess of unknown kindness
    Though I know some day soon this will come to an end
    This kind of Pain scars, and we remember long after
    The storm starts fading away
    Lost in time but never to be forgotten
    No man, nor woman or child, could forget the rage of the Almighty God of Thunder
    or should I say Goddess of Thundering Pain,