• At first I like it
    Only when my eyes are sealed shut
    The second was great
    More and more this deal evolved
    New pages turned
    The hate begins to boil
    I look at myself and don’t see me
    I feel lost, running but getting no where
    There is no hope; all I can do is seek more
    I don’t want to but my heart wants to eat the rotten
    Days pass and my former skin peals away
    I’m a monster, the devil has consumed me
    I tremble in fear, trying to escape
    I begin to split
    The good and bad are expelled and see each other
    I stand alone feeling nothing
    This grotesque beast that is me wants my heart
    My heart is sickness and must be abolished
    The skin that has fallen has risen and claimed my heart
    Consuming it, it becomes shrouded by my darkness and hatred
    I’m free but the creature still remains

    The decrepit mold that became the beast
    Suffocates my dreams when I sleep
    Its red and startling eyes haunt the shadows around me
    Its footsteps echo all around me
    I turn my back and there it is
    A living and breathing monster
    The demon was once a part of me
    It was a leech, the thrived off of me
    I enjoyed the power I received but I became trapped
    Its black tentacles fill the air
    I choke, lose sight of things
    I become ensnared by shadows and once it again
    The demon of me has consumed me
    Day by day it feeds
    I feel my insides bleed, giving it sustenance
    I can’t fight it; my heart has become black with emptiness
    I’m hollow again and every thing is blurry
    Nothing seems real and in grasp
    My intestines boil from the inside, every thing has sunken deep
    Deep inside my abyss of loathing
    The creature of death lurks around every corner
    I begin to cry tears of blood
    It has won
    But the war has only begun