• As I go insane in this non-relenting world.
    Slowly the monsters inside, scratch and dig away at the thick wall that blocks them from the outside.
    Day after day,
    Week by week.
    The wall beings to wear away,
    Digging even faster than before,
    Digging away at the wall that they see crumbling before them.

    Soon the monsters are unleashed!
    Released unto the unsuspecting world.
    Outcoming a dangerous monster, that will destroy anyone or anything in her path.
    Including many scared, trembling, fear-infused humans.

    I stalk,
    I hunt,
    Like a lioness on her night-time prowl.
    Using all to liking.
    Growling, with a sinister smirk on my twisted face.
    Strikes fear into my cornered victim.

    With my victim, trapped,
    Scared witless.
    Begging for his life,
    I pounce on top of him.
    As he is already pinned with straps of leather, with many buckles and clasps.
    With such a difference between our emotional state,
    Myself, I am calm.
    I am contented,
    In a somewhat delusional happiness.
    He, my victim is scared.
    Having an instinctual survival need to get away.
    "I am sorry you have to see this....monsterous....side of me" As I grin over him.
    Pondering of what horrid mode of mutilation will occur in this crazy room.
    "But why me!? Why! Why did you chose me out of all thee others!?" Scared and worried of my response.
    "Oh, what a beautiful question.....You should look into yourself for the answer." Turning away to rummage through all my dastardly tools of carnage.
    Confused, and ever more worried my helpless victim is.
    Turning back with duct tape, syringe, and a pair of scalpels in hand.
    Before a word escapes his lips, they are covered by a dim silver tape.
    "Ahh, Finally.....Silence......You know, you talk too much"
    Finding a perment marker, of the colour black.
    Holding his face still, to write clearly on the wide strip of dim silver tape.
    It reads,

    "To all....Consider this a peaceful warning.
    Truely yours,
    The Aquarian you all know and love."

    Leaving a kiss overtop the short message, as if to make it offical.
    -sigh- "I knew I loved you, but even before it was over, I also knew it was doomed to end how it did.
    And it will never start over!!"
    Taking a scalpel in hand,
    Still holding his face, turning it to make him look away.
    Steadying the sharp steel blade on his cheek,
    Pressing ever harder.
    Slowly moving down, to leave a deep dripping slice in his fat face.

    Watching the blood fill the wound, and overflow.
    It turns the monsters on, also turning them into savages,
    With an insachable appetite to kill,
    With an unstoppable bloodlust.
    This is clearly visible in her eyes.
    Her beautiful light brown eyes turn black,
    Like the eyes of a hideous beast.

    This is exactly what I.....She has become.