• this feeling wont go away
    no matter where it goes it follows me
    i can try to make it stay
    but it wont let me be

    Thsi feeling i hate so much
    i want it gone
    all it needz a little hunch
    but it seems to be drawn

    I hate this feeling more than i can speak
    its always there at every turn
    it makes me feel so weak
    i drop to me knees like they burn

    This feeling in which i hate so
    is none other that a single word
    Something that sets me aglow
    It just so absurd

    must i say it once
    or you think you can catch it?
    its always been a bunce
    although its always fit

    i speak of love
    love is this feeling
    For it is like a dove
    for which is never healing


    -kayla elrod