• Whenever I fall down
    I will blame you
    Whenever I cry
    I will blame you
    You haven't done wrong
    But its all your fault
    Its your fault I've fallen
    So I'll blame you.

    I can't say I hate you
    I'd be lying to myself
    'Cause I feel like falling when you pass
    Your air lingering about
    So it touches my body
    And makes me weak
    The air is so much more lighter
    And it makes me fall
    So I blame you
    For starting it all

    I won't say I love you
    I'm just afraid to
    But I cry myself to sleep
    You know that, don't you?
    Everything is complicated now that your here
    Because your growing on me
    Your touch is sincere
    But how does that explain the tears in my eyes?
    I'm so lost, that's why
    My life feels better
    But its so confusing too
    So this is why
    I blame you.

    I can't blame you everything
    But you have played a part
    Your sincere looks and touch
    In my mind there's a chart
    Of how much I care
    How much you look at me
    And it's been flying off
    I think you should see
    It's not your fault
    I swear it could be
    Both mine and yours
    With everyone right behind
    I'm afraid to say it
    So I guess I won't admit it
    But I love you
    Do you?
    It seems to be true
    But hold me close
    You won't have to say a word
    Because if I'm with you
    I'll have no air.