• I'm sitting at the gravestone,
    Wishing you were still here,
    I know that your coming back,
    Yet I still feel that your here with me.

    Why am I haunted by your presence,
    I see you where ever I go,
    I can't take it anymore,
    I wish you were still here.

    I can't walked along the streets,
    Without thinking I saw you again,
    I"ll stop and stare,
    Until I realize that your not really there.

    Then I start to walk away,
    I'm still wishing you were here today,
    I head back home,
    The home you used to live.

    I wish that you were still here,
    Then I wouldn't be haunted,
    I wouldn't have to worry anymore,
    I'd be free to no longer fear.

    I sank into a depression when you passed away,
    Luckily for me I had some friend to pull me out of that,
    I've tried not to be that way since then,
    I think I'm succeeding pretty well.

    I made a promise to myself that day,
    That my friend pulled me out of that depression,
    I wouldn't let others worry about me,
    I'd bottle it up and hide showing my smiled and not my hate.

    Yet I'm still haunted by you,
    I don't want to be that way I want to stop being haunted,
    But I know that's not gonna happen,
    Because I'm always gonna be haunted by you.