• Colors swirling around my head, thinking of things to say at the sound of the clock going off. Is this something I should ignore, and speak of no further to another human being, or should I consider it a warning of the grim things that have come and gone, and will continue to come, as long the human race has no absolute truth to use as their last shield. Perhaps this is just the way things work nowadays. Perhaps, things are better left said, for the sake of those actually listening.

    You never know when the person next to you might perk up their ears, listen to what your talking about, and say "What the hell are you talking about exactly?" To be quite honest, I have no idea myself. Is it philosophy? Idealism? Some higher power come down to speak through me in this strange, riddle like manner? Or is it all just random ramblings done by a member of the hidden society that secretly rules the world? Hell if I should know. But thing is for certain, all things come from a source. Be they words, or be they any other thing, material and/or incoherent.

    Music running through my head. Each song with a story to tell, about love, hate, and all the things that give a human being a reason to live, die, and become a better person. Or perhaps a worse person than they may already be. I am not to judge, for the last thing I could do, would be to label those different from myself, and become just another part of the machine. To be another member of the blind. I couldn't say which is to be my path, nor should I try to do with any other person.

    I feel it, the cold breeze passing through the minds of those in the fog. Am I doomed to forever roam the halls of eternity, in a quest for that eternal glory? Or shall I some day become the proprietor, of the bar that serves cold drinks of lies and deception to the masses? Who knows, but the different mentalities that populate this strange culture, will be the keys to it's next step in evolution. Through whatever means it may take place, it is coming, and it shall be glorious. The cries of freedom ringing throughout the world. Where only certain ears will hear them, and certain voices will answer back in triumph.

    Eternal voices and minds that have the ability to make an impact upon this world. Faces that are great enough to be immortalized on the mountains in the distance. With the hearts and souls of lions, that will tear through whatever it is that they encounter. For these are the days that can no longer be ruled by human beings, but by beasts that are not afraid to oppose those that have opposed them. For a true beast holds no fear for anything, other than the beast inside them. And human beings have nothing to fear, but the beasts that lurk inside them as well. Do I speak truth? I would not have the heart to tell you, but perhaps...Some things, really are just better left unsaid...