• " I can't hold on to me? Wonder what's wrong with me" ( Evanescence)
    it walks during the storm Its eyes on the ground
    Dwelling on fears which to others are unfound
    It's home's far away but It doesn't turn around
    Creeps into the house enters without a sound

    " You're worthless...you're nothing"
    It watches her come down the stairs
    And sees the on who's life she shares
    They look and ask ' DO you dare?'
    It shrugs and continues. Why should It care?

    "They don't care about you. They only pretend to like you"
    In an attempt to escape they run out through the gate
    Watch It listen to their feet going 'Scrape, Scrape, Scrape'
    They see it pursue fueled by hate and they try to outrun It but it's too late
    Cornered and alone they await their fate Frozen...ready, they embrace their fate

    " They forget you exist even your right in front of them"
    Heart pumping full of malice It sings away the fright
    Dancing around the corpses with feral delight
    It looks upon bloodied faces, drained by the light
    And leaves, a red angel with wings spread out in flight

    " Let's see the face behind the mask, what we could never see"
    Smiling, It's laughing , cannot breathe from Its glee
    Not once did It look back upon lost reverie
    But at once It asked Itself ' What came over me?
    This is not the path on which I'm meant to be'