• Talking to the Inner Me

    Boy: I looked at you strange.
    Me: But you have a right.
    Boy: Why did you do things that changed the world?
    Me: Well, thats just because I changed your world.
    Boy: I thought you were strange.
    Me: Yeah, I admit I am, but being normal is BORING.
    Boy: I wanted to talk to you.
    Me: Why didn't you when you had the chance? I mean, so you wanted me to listen?
    Boy:I noticed you were different.
    Me: Well thanks for noticing!
    Boy: That is why I want to talk to you.
    Me: Well you have come to the right place.
    Boy: Thank you for bring there for me Tori.
    Me: I'm always here.
    Boy walks out.
    Me: Don't leave me!
    Boy: I will never.


    Can you hear the sounds of nature?
    If you can't,be quiet sush be silent!
    It'll come to you.
    Can you hear the teacher in the front?
    If you can't, be quiet, sush, be silent!
    Don't ruin my grade.
    Can you hear your parents calling for you?
    If you can't, be quiet, sush be silent!
    I don't want to get grounded!
    Why can't you be quiet for once?!
    And not get everyone in trouble?
    If you just be quiet... Maybe... You'll listen.

    Born by the sun,
    Rustling in the trees,
    Possible with the slightest of of ease,
    As it carries the whispers of the trees.
    Only to hit my ear,
    Where no one else can hear.
    Whispers of the wind.

    Forgotten One

    Once again I am lost,
    In a world that's not mine.
    Hopes and dreams forgotten,
    Replaced by a primitive mind,
    Only to get out of this nightmare.
    The forgotten one is forgotten again,
    ingored and dispied,
    Doesn't want to be reminded of the reason why.
    Primitive mind still in place,
    But the heart is still there,
    Frozen in space.


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.
    The beholder must be blind.
    Then I must be.
    Ugly's just a nome.
    Yes, I'm talking to you.
    I can see the beauty in the ugliest thing.
    YES, I'm STILL talking to you.
    For you are the most beautiful thing that's ever walked past me.
    Yes I'm talking to you, but about our friendship.
    But about you.
    You are the angel whop touched my life.
    The one who made me smile in the gravest of times.
    The one I'll love and never forget.
    Is it a crime to say I love you when you're gone?


    Thoughts and dreams gone.
    Disappeared with love.
    Why must I cry?
    Niceness and charater gone,
    Down the drain with the rest of the world.
    Why must I sob?
    Crime and rudeness replace,
    The love and dreams,
    Why must the tears go down my face?
    Because of nothing,
    Because of everything,
    Because of me.
    Everything replaced with the oppisite.
    Love with hate,
    Hope with death,
    Dreams with Nightmares.
    All is lost.
    No reason to be happy.
    That is why I cry.

    Missing you

    My heart fluttered,
    when you said my name.
    Ever since I layed eyes on you,
    When you first came,
    One after another they tried to take you,
    But what could you do?
    You chose me.
    For the times I've dreamt,
    And the diary entries I've written,
    So many times I've mentioned your name.
    Side by side,
    Hand in hand,
    I now regret not telling you,
    How I wish I could have told you I loved you.
    When I had the time,
    And when the arms around you were mine.