• Moments of nervousness, my stomach clenches and butterflies parade through it. His voice is fuzzy and as I grab his side he pulls me to him. I feel light headed. All I can hear is his quick, shallow, breathing. He leans down and our lips touch. So this is love.

    We sit at the base of a tree and talk. He silently whispers "I Love You". He wraps his arms around me. Even though the wind blows over us, we sit there together. So this is love.

    High on the unsturdy death-traps of a small carnival, our hands are joined as we are flown into the air, the fear I felt melts away and all I can think of is the warm touch of his skin on mine. So this is love.

    Sitting together in the shade, hiding from the scorching sun that threatens to grace our skin, I'm pulled into him, I rest my head on his chest and close my eyes. His steady heart beat calms my breathing and I dissolve into the soft fabric of his hoodie, it's gentle fragrance soothing. So this is love.