• See the red bar?
    It's getting low.
    My player's moving like they're stuck in tar,
    But get ready, here comes the big show!

    Slash, bash,
    Hit, crash,
    Oh no,
    Mana's low!

    Gulp a potion,
    Grab a heart,
    You ain't sick of motion,
    You've still gotta play your part.

    So what if you've got Carpal Tunnel?
    Just keep right on truckin',
    So what if you're fed through a funnel,
    The bronco's still buckin'!

    You've got goblins to slay,
    Monsters to kill,
    Evil must pay,
    "Just sign the bill!"

    Electricity payment's high,
    So what? Who cares?
    You'll still get by,
    'Least you ain't been eaten by bears!

    You're old now, you know,
    But you still ain't slow,
    Reflexes are goin' good,
    Your heart's still pumping, pud!

    Now you're old and a feeble,
    It's time you payed the price,
    "You've got no use for cable,
    So we'll just turn off your lights..."

    It was your world,
    Your home, your love,
    Now everything swirls,
    And high above,

    A light opens slowly,
    Is that...? It is!
    You whisper, "Holy Moly..."
    'Cause you can't belive this shizz...

    A virtual haven,
    A land just for you,
    No one lecturing, no cravin',
    It's time you flew...

    You don't need to get a life.
    You've still got two. :3