• ! Do you whisper my name while you are sleeping?
    Do I pass by your mind while you are weeping?

    Do you sometimes feel like you are out of control?
    Do you sometimes feel me inside you
    and sense me within your soul?

    Do you sometimes hear me calling your name?
    Do you hear my moan?

    Do you sometimes pretend I'm with you in your home?
    Do you talk to me when you are alone?

    Do you ever see my vivid face?
    Do you ever imagine you're holding me feeling my warm embrace?

    Do you ever hear my footsteps?
    Do you ever try to catch my fingertips?
    Do you ever try to imagine the taste of my lips?

    Do you ever wonder late at night and light up some candles?
    Don't you really think we are perfect together just like angels?

    Don't you think our love is just divine?
    Do you ever dream to take me one day to dine?

    Do you ever imagine that you're taking my hand to dance?
    Do you ever feel so much romance?

    Do you ever dream of us in a small,
    cosy home on a very cold night?
    When we will be sitting together beside
    a burning fire and holding each other so tight?

    Tell me honey
    Do you ever feel these things?

    Cause I always think of you this way! !
    You can't imagine how much happiness it brings! ! !