• I don't know how it's gonna end,
    But I hope it ends with you.
    Time and space now start to bend,
    reality does skew

    I hold you close one last time
    as the galaxies collapse
    our dimensions starting to align
    A convergence of the maps

    A war on all existence
    Love was my attack
    Cause I'd cross any distance
    Just to have you back.

    The angels couldn't stop me
    Even demon's thought it wrong
    but I would do it all again.
    with you's where I belong

    Now as life and death unfold
    Our worlds start to unwind
    I try so hard not to lose hold.
    You were so hard to find.

    The separation hurt to great
    I didn't care the cost
    I unraveled destiny and fate
    To return what had been lost.

    Floating through the endless space
    I feel you in my arms
    Open my eyes.
    See your face.
    Your smile’s still so warm

    “I can’t believe I found you,
    Are you really here?”
    “Even if you can’t see me,
    You know I’m always near.

    You found your way back to me
    Even though I passed.”
    “The journey wasn’t easy,
    But I made it here at last.”

    “I’ve been waiting to see you.
    But something here’s amiss.
    The lands are torn and bleeding,
    Sky has turned to dark abyss.”

    “I used a book of mystic tongue,
    And granted a great evil birth.
    It pulled me here to fill my wish
    And left behind a shattered earth.”

    “You cast aside your former life.”
    “I took the deed and gripped the knife.”
    “You must have known it wasn’t right.”
    “You never should have died that night.

    The doctors should have done much more.”
    “They did the best they could.
    It was just my time to go.
    I thought you understood.”

    “I didn’t want to lose you.
    I battled fate’s mistake.”
    “There was never any error
    Life’s not yours to give and take.”

    “Finally I found you
    After all the pain.”
    “But what about the others?
    Their loss should not be gain.”

    “I’m sorry, but I had to try.
    Each day without you I would die.”
    “I’m sorry that I had to go,
    I love you more than you’ll ever know.

    I’m thankful for all that you’ve done
    But now you must save everyone
    I think you know what to do next.”
    “I’ll turn back to the ancient text.”

    I search the book
    Turn page to page
    I speak the words
    To set the stage

    “This time all will be restored
    And we’ll live of our own accord.

    Something’s changed
    There’s no curse
    I found the page,
    I read the verse.”

    “The book was just a conduit
    Drawing from an evil force.
    But now the only root left
    Is the power of the source.”

    I used the book to get this far
    But it can help no more
    Now there’s not a single star
    Nothing but the core

    “What happens now that it won’t work?”
    “Everything’s been erased.”
    “But if I use the core of it
    Then it can be replaced.

    I’ll take the power in my hand
    To repair all the broken strands
    Of time, of fate, of love and hate,
    Of life and death.…I’ll give you breath….

    You never should have died that way
    So now you’ll live and so will they!”

    “The power will destroy you!”
    “Not before I act!”
    “You’ll Die!” “You’ll Live!”
    “Without you?! Then I’d rather not go back!”

    “It’s up to me to make things right.
    For all the pain I’ve caused this night.

    …..all the blood that I have spilled,
    Just to have my wish fulfilled…”

    “It must have been quite difficult,
    To bear this all alone.
    But now I’m here beside you
    I’ll help you to atone.”

    “I’ll fix it even if I die!”
    “That ending will not do.
    You sold your soul to save me,
    Now it’s my turn to save you….”