• Can't lift your head
    not even in hope.
    Freedom flies away
    from your hands as you grope.

    You slave away
    as the world around
    benefits from you,
    but you are kicked down.

    The twinkle of defiace
    that once lit your eyes,
    has slowly been taken,
    and your life slowly dies

    Stand up we call
    for your freedom and life.
    Don't let these people
    drag you down; feed you lies

    Stand up we shout
    as you slave away.
    You'll be gone tomorrow
    while you die today.

    Stand up, we cry
    and wish you would listen.
    But they took you defiance
    you no longer listen.

    Stand up! we had shouted
    but you were blind.
    And two days later
    from the strain you had died.

    Stand up!