• Midnight Ghost [Chapter One: Encounter]

    Tonight, when I lay down to rest

    I hear a noise, and my heart jumps in my chest.

    I slowly get out of bed

    Hoping, with all my might, I won't end up dead.

    Sneaking to the window, I draw back the blind.

    His face looks so happy, his smile so kind.

    I look to see where he might have climbed, but I see nothing.

    My eyes wander back, and I ask. "Do you want something?"

    "Only you," he replies softly, taking my hand.

    My eyes go wide. "Why? I'm so bland.

    What about those other girls? They are more beautiful than I! Their hair even has more curls!"

    His shoulders shake, and he laughs ever so gently.

    "I only want you. Come with me?"

    I shake my head and my hair falls in my face.

    "I need to get a head start in this race."

    "Race?" I ask quietly, intrigued by his floating body.

    "For your love, of course! I need to get ahead now if I am to win against anybody!"

    He takes me back into my room.

    He sits next to me, whispering in my ear. "You're just a bud, yet to bloom."

    "Why, I'm practically a lady!" I protest, pointing my finger.

    "I can still see it in you! A small boy still does linger!"

    I search quickly for the door.

    "Why do you visit me now? It's almost midnight."

    "Daylight would make me translucent, and twilight-"

    I cut him off. "Translucent?" I questioned.

    He nods solemnly. "I guess I should of mentioned.

    I am no longer part of your world. I died many years ago."

    My voice softens. "You are a ghost?"

    He nods and looks at me. "You know, out of all the girls I know, I love you the most."

    My cheeks turn a deep pink.

    "Please, give me some time," I say. "Let me think."

    He nods, and leaves a soft kiss on my forehead.

    "I shall return tomorrow night, before you go to bed."

    I smile and nod, watching him leave through the wall.

    When I am sure that he's gone, I whisper. "How can you love me at all?"

    -Midnight Ghost [Chapter Two: Masquerade], tomorrow.-