• We always hear
    how Angels are nice,
    graceful and elegant;
    clad in sinless white.

    And their love for us humans
    compells them, directs them,
    and they protect us, God's children,
    even should we have no contrition.

    yet the world around
    is filled with such dangers
    fights, rape and murder;
    of which we are no strangers.

    Now tell me dear reader
    what makes you think?
    that all Angels are blameless;
    sinless, as you believe.

    Not all Angels are nice
    why else would there be evil?
    for only Angels
    could cause so much horrid revel.

    though of course you must think
    what is wrong with your head?
    Never would God's Angels
    cause so much dread!

    Yet Angels they are;
    Demons, you may say,
    that cause your day to go wrong
    making sure you waste away.

    Demons! so easy,
    why not use them in the beginning?
    well Angels are what they are.
    though they took to sinning.

    Though some ignorant people
    believe they are Lucifer's,
    They were God's at one time
    but they lusted after power.

    Well all the Angels,
    are clad in sinless white
    Lucifer the brightest,
    a blinding clear light.

    Just so you know,
    if you think you see Light
    better run, 'cuz it's Lucifer
    Who's tricking your eyes.