• I can’t breath, can’t stop shaking. Sickness tramples though my body leaving a pathetic whimpering mass. Throat swollen tight, water feels like acid, air like sandpaper. Pressure surges though my ears, it feels as though they’ll explode.

    Why won’t it stop?

    I can’t sleep; everyway I lay brings a new surge of pain from my screaming joints.

    Now They’re asking what’s wrong. They’re voices rip into my pounding head. I try to tell Them, to say anything. Nothing comes out but a sob. It brings tears to my eyes. No I can’t cry I’m pathetic enough without. Besides crying only makes the pain worse.

    Now the fever sets in, I’m shivering, trembling in an effort to get warm in the suddenly frigid air. The trembling makes it so my already weak body is no longer able to move more than a pitiable flop.

    Now there’s an I.V. in my arm. They took my blood and traded me for painkillers and fluids pumped straight into my system. The fever is finally gone. The shaking stops, and whatever they put into that heavenly clear bag above my head makes my joints stop throbbing. I still can’t sleep, I won’t. Must listen to Them, to learn what to take, what makes the pain stop. I just want to sleep.

    I’m home now forcing pills in like clockwork, They seem less stressed now. After all I’ve stopped needing constant care. I don’t blame Them I wouldn’t want to deal with a weak version of my self either. I can’t imagine I do weak well.

    I don’t care about that now, about any of that. I can finally sleep. Glorious darkness takes me. I let it.