• Your ragged breath is shaking, you can see the hectic sky
    You have no place to calm me down, your voice is hoarse, your heart is hoarse
    Your screams and cries reach me, yeah! Got you buddy

    I know I know, a small shaking body
    I know I know, amid the fighting...

    Please don’t cry, my sweet boy, only mine
    You’re swept away, with no crime, no weapon
    Hidden in the night, with no place to go home to, yeah! Got you buddy

    I know I know, as you wander
    I know I know, you’ll reach the oasis in my dry heart
    Alone, with one hope

    I know I know, let’s run through the night
    Into the universe that really does spread out before our eyes

    Dream a dream before you go to sleep
    Of a world of love…
    A dream…