• Whiskey...is a fickle friend
    it holds you close, then ******** you over again
    the only way out is at the bottom of the glass
    Cocaine...is a demon alive
    it keeps you in no matter how hard you try
    and the only way out is through another line

    Escape cannot happen!
    we live in the wake of Destruction!
    Your children will perish!
    We die for the sake of Production!

    Camels...will be my demise
    but with any luck, they'll keep me sane tonight
    there's no way out, so someone pass me a light
    the Lady... is the devil's child
    she treats you nice, she makes you mild
    but slowly, she consumes you all the while




    Raindrops...come crashing down
    with blinding lights, and crushing sound
    it's the only thing that brings me to the ground