• You caused so much pain,
    Pain I ignored for so long,
    This pain..was a slow acting wake up call,
    The facade you put up made me unable to see,
    You wove a web of lies, all to protect your identity,
    The fact you were the reason of the pain,
    But soon, 
    It began to rain down,
    Crushing your parade of victory,
    The rain washed out your web of lies,
    The facade left open,
    Then the rain turned into a torrential downpour,
    Breaking through your facade,
    Then I realized the fog around me,
    Clouding my mind,
    Was all because of you,
    I opened my eyes,
    Let the light shine down,
    Saw through the mask,
    And saw what you caused,
    The pain that seperated all from me,
    You were a black widow that came close to reeling me in,
    But a broke free,
    Thanks to the rain,
    The rain of purity,
    The rain of cleansing,
    The rain of light,
    The rain of life,
    All because of the rain,
    That beautiful rain