• Ideas flow through my mind

    Determination set in my eyes

    Ready for my story to be heard

    My pen is like a spaceship ready for take off

    Now start the count down

    Super nova, what is that?

    It’s a star that explodes a thousand times that can outshine a whole galaxy,

    But in my eyes it’s someone who can outshine darkness with their light, in words.

    Writing is my voice

    My only mark in life to prove that I was here

    My shining light in the dark

    The only crutch I have for when nothing else seems to go right

    One voice that can be heard throughout the world, from the land we stand on to out into the blue ocean

    To reach others even when we are world apart

    My mission is to share my tears with others

    To tell them “hey you’re not the one sitting in a corner.”

    My screams might be silent to the world

    But to anyone else who read my work, it’s louder than any other sound

    I’m not here to let you know that I’m in pain, someone please help me

    I want you to understand you are not alone in the cold place we call home

    Give me your hand and I’ll pull you back onto your feet

    You can confide in me when there is no one else

    Written on the paper

    Isn’t just my story

    Those tears aren’t just mine

    Those laughs or that little piece of love I give isn’t just from me

    But, from you

    From everyone of you

    We aren’t the same people, I’m aware of that

    But, our pain is something we share.

    Our passion to be heard,

    Together we can raise and rebel against until our voices are echoed through each part of the earth

    With our pens, we can strike lightening to our world

    Set fire to the flame

    Turn Ice into water

    We are more powerful then what we think.

    So I thank you all, for all your writing.

    To my friends, for all the “thank you’s” you have said.

    For everyone, who wanted to so badly give up.

    Thank you, for writing,

    Thank you for speaking out,

    Thank you for standing back up when you have fallen on your knees time and time again.

    Thank you for never giving up.

    Written on paper, are our lives.