• *Voices
    Hello how are you today
    i have nothing to say to you
    but i would like to stay
    i would like to stay*
    *music kicks in*
    I don't care you feel
    i don't care if you
    For real
    all i have to say you you is
    Please don't worry im doing good so far
    so you can take your cigarette's and that that shiny new car
    and i want you to go far farFAAAR
    So please don't come her ever again
    you wanna know somthing i don't even wanna be friend
    you had that last chance BUT YOU BLEW IT AGAIN
    But please don't worry don't even start to cry
    but how you make me feel makes me wanna dir
    makes me wanna die
    so now all i have to say is
    Take you cigarettes and your shiny new car
    give them to me so i can go very far
    don't you stare at me with that endless ******** stare
    by now you should know I DON'T EVEN TRY TO CARE
    Please don't worry i am doing fine
    i am doing good and keeping out of crime
    but i can hear the angels cry
    hear the angels cry
    get out of here
    with thoes gifts and party baloon's
    please dont be a Coon
    it's not a honey moon
    not a honey moon
    Please don't worry i am doing fine
    your much to busy to even find the time
    so take your cigarettes and your shiny new car
    and take this to your grave the man you loved was not brave