• Too far away, out of reach how I wish you were here.

    But the wrong path may trip me, without you is what I fear.
    It has come to the point where I must wait-at times it seems not fair.

    But never should I rush for this, that moment itself is rare.
    I can see it all now, a scene from a movie is where we'll be.

    I'll be walking the other way, deep in thought as you call for me.
    But then I wake up from my dream, so many its de ja vue.

    But the real dream will be when I'm standing there with you.
    Its like a story, told many, but never finished in time.

    If I were to sacrifice myself I would on a drop of a dime.
    People ask why you are so special, why you are so great.

    Heck, I don't myself, not having an answer- you might call me late.
    I spill these bits of feelings, hoping you might hear.

    But you must call back, please holler to me, my dear!
    I stumble around, lost in the world of omission-tell me and guide the way.

    I'll spend a lifetime and beyond to reach that state of mind, not caring what people say.

    Even as I lay in the ground, my soul begins to decay.

    It sinks upon the only place it can-where I'll be one day.