• I awake to see another day
    Gotta go to school and learn
    So i get up, shower, and dressed
    But with my life I'm not impressed
    A nobody, whats-his name, un-cool
    That's all I'm known as at school

    Well, whatever another day, another way
    To make it through without worrying about what people say
    Just ignore them?
    I give that a try.....but i suck it all in without a single cry
    But it comes back to haunt
    And then I cut, and that's not what I want

    As I continue to wonder what to do....
    I'm interrupted by the engine of the bus to school
    Oh well lets get this over with, I think to myself

    I sit in my usual seat, 7 seats back.
    I put my back pack up on the seat, no-one will sit there anyway
    And I close my eyes....
    Then I open them, at least I thought I did

    I look up and see people like me
    Lonely, mis-understood .and a little crazy
    I finnally can breathe in and out
    Without the worry about what people think about

    I finnally belong
    I begin to sing a new song
    Then, the bus engine turns off and it's back to the way it was before
    I ask....how could this be?
    Oh....It was just a daydream.