• Watching, As you bleed,
    Watching, As you ignore me,
    You know what?
    No, ******** that!

    Im tired,
    Tired of helping,
    Helping you when,
    All you do,
    Is ignore me,
    So you know what?
    No, ******** that!

    You make it seem,
    Like Im the bad guy,
    As if Im joker,
    WIth the button,
    Ready to make a BOOM,
    In Gotham,
    So you know what?
    No, ******** YOU!

    Go fight,
    Fight your battles,
    All alone,
    And Ill laugh,
    When you lose,
    All the time...

    I tried,
    To help you,
    But you ignored me,
    So now,
    Whos bleeding,
    On the floor,
    And whos still stand?!
    So you know what?
    No, ******** that!
    ******** YOU!