• Go ahead,
    Go ahead and try,
    Try to take me,
    Take me down,
    Bind me down,
    And make it to where,
    I cant get up!
    No, you know what?
    ******** that s**t!

    You tried,
    To keep the Beast,
    Keep the Beast inside me,
    So nows the time,
    The time for Judgement Day!

    You see me rise,
    The black flames,
    The flames burning,
    Burning inside my eyes...

    You see me grin,
    The fangs growing,
    Growning longer,
    Oh so sharper,
    Look what happens,
    When you try to,
    Bind a Beast,
    That you cant fight!

    So you know what?
    ******** YOU!
    You know what?
    Ill take you down,
    And Ill make you see,
    Everything Ive seen,
    All the pain Ive seen,
    I hope you...

    Can understand...

    The Beast...