• Did you know the Moon sings? She does.
    Do you see the fire of the Spirit? She does.
    As she spills her soul into spirals
    I know that she holds truth in scarred hands
    She coats her eyes in Sapphires because she feels plain
    Her cartoon reality attacks her immortality
    And I can’t resist her manic gravity
    Voices scream in opposition but I know she’s real
    A goddess dressed like a Lost girl
    And her laughter is a contagious magick
    It infiltrates and mitigates the pain of memory
    She can melt Carbon with her eyes
    I asked her what the Moon told her
    And she said it sang her life in lyric
    Cryptic though the song, I loved it
    Her pupils were dialated with delight
    At the sight of that ruler of sea and sky
    So do you love with all your being? She does.
    Do you paint without the wind? She does.
    And do you dance to the Moon’s song? She does.