• You say you love me, then the next day, you can't stand me.
    I ruin your life, and now you never want to see me again?
    You leave me crying outside of your house, in the rain.
    You promised me you wouldn't leave my side.
    And when I needed you the most, you pushed me aside the curb.
    You left me on the ground curled up, my face in my arms sobbing.
    You held me tight when I cried, and why wont you do it anymore?
    I gave you everything, and you left.
    You told me to quote the song Break Your Little Heart.
    You left me sitting in the corner of my room depressed.
    Sitting alone in our corner, holding a piece of paper you passed me during Science class.
    That said, I love you, and you know that, but do you love me back?
    I hold that against my heart and feel my heart breaking, piece by piece.
    That necklace you gave me, yeah I hold onto that to every night.
    When I get cold from the window being above me, I go to my bed.
    When I start to cry once again, that picture of you and me holding hands kissing is above my bed.
    Also, the one that you didn't like how you smiled, and I didn't like how I smiled, but oh how you loved my smile, and how I loved yours.
    Yepp, that's there to.
    I rub my fingers across the pictures, and lye down.
    The flowers you gave me about a month ago, they're still alive, sitting on my table with fake flowers scattered around it.
    I haven't slept for one week straight.
    All because of you.
    When you see me in the hallway, you flash me a look that says, no just go away, dont bother.
    I would be okay, if you apologized for what you did.
    But you wont, and I lye, alone on my bed.