• My mind swirls with thoughts of you
    I thought it would work out
    But now I see I was all wrong
    And all I do is pout

    I told you how I felt that day
    And again when you asked me
    I thought you would do something about it
    But now I can really see

    I wonder how you thought of me
    That day I told you all
    And hoped you would remember me
    But all I do is fall

    I fall over and over again
    And never find my feet
    And even if you leave me now
    I hope someday we’ll meet

    I hope we’ll meet again someday
    And see how it works out
    I really thought that we could change
    Now it’s just fallen out

    I wish you well in all you do
    Forever time to come
    And know that you’ll be in my heart
    Forever as you’ve won