• I heard some people talkin’ today
    Talkin’ ‘bout the world
    It’s gonna end real soon they say
    The end will soon unfurl
    Well that’d be just fine by me
    Good riddance to it all
    I never cared much for t.v.
    Apple pie or baseball
    How can he be Uncle Sam
    When he’s so busy being big brother?
    I managed to avoid a scam
    Then got tricked by another
    I get up every single day
    And work from nine to five
    I wonder what death is like
    If this is being alive
    Half of all marriages fail
    And that is a fact
    I’d purpose to the girl I love
    If it wasn’t against the patriot act
    And Uncle Sam he just smiles
    And tells me it’s ok
    He says we can have our honeymoon
    In tropical Guantanamo Bay
    They say more than half of all
    Americans smoke pot
    My teachers said that our country
    Is what’s called a democracy
    A government of popular sovereignty
    But I guess it’s not
    Because I got put in jail
    Just for getting high
    But when they see the oil exec’s
    They say “That’s my kinda guy.”
    Even though they’re murdering
    And raping mother earth
    But I guess solar energy
    Just doesn’t have much worth
    So bring on the apocalypse
    It doesn’t bother me
    I think that I would quite enjoy
    Watching as the sea
    Rises up and swallows
    Every single last country
    At least then we’d finally
    Have some kind of equality