• I promised myself I'd do better,
    I promised to everyone,
    I made the decision to fix it all,
    And I decided to take away all the pains,
    Maybe I've already failed to do so,
    Maybe I can't do it right,
    Maybe I should just let go of everything and everyone I ever knew,
    I know maybe it means nothing now,
    And that I could just tear myself down,
    Maybe you'd all be better off if I'd just gone away,
    Maybe I'd be better off too,
    Maybe you'd be happier if you or I just turned around and went home,
    Or for me, preferably very far away,
    Maybe we'd all live a good life if I'd given you the chance the first time,
    And I know I'd be happier if I gave it to myself then, too,
    And maybe I,
    And all of my mistakes,
    Could run very far away,
    So you'd never see me again,
    And maybe there'd be the chance that I could forget,
    Who I am or maybe who I was or maybe will be,
    But I'm not going back now,
    No way I'll turn around when I've just decided to go back to face the mountain of,
    All the trouble I've caused you all,
    This is only step one,
    I've only began my life again just now,
    And there is still a chance,
    That I will make it out of here,
    One way or another,
    You don't have to come along if you don't want to,
    You could stay here and not look if you don't care to see,
    You don't need to believe in me,
    Even when I believe in you just the same,
    You don't have to come along and finally see if I find the better side of me,
    But I'd prefer it if you do.