• This is a Story of 3 relatives
    Who lived on mount Olympus
    There was a big wedding
    Of Pelus
    A-a-a-nd Thetis
    But, they didn’t want Eres to go-o-oo-
    But being the goddess of strife she still showed
    And she threw a golden apple
    For the fairest don’t you know!
    Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite
    Dove for the apple with all their might
    This gave King Zeus quite a fright
    To see his wife in a fight
    King Zeus chose
    A commoner Paris
    To be the judge
    To stop the eternal grudge
    Aph: I am better A: I am fairer H: I am better than both of you
    (Rotate till Hera says I am fairer)
    A: STOP let Paris decide
    Paris was confused
    Who should he chose?
    Their beauty was unmatched
    And he became quite attached
    (PARIS) give me a gift to make this swift
    And I will choose the fairest
    Out of all of you!”
    I will give you all of Asia
    Similar to-o-o

    I will give you give you
    All the power
    You will be standing on a tower!
    (Athena) Well that nothing
    Compared to my gift giving cunning!
    I will give you wisdom
    As an owl
    You will also have
    The greatest luck in battle
    (APRODITE) I will give you love as my true form
    A dove!
    Of Helen of Troy that’s what I am telling
    You know she’s the prettiest!
    (PARIS) I chose!
    (GODESSES) Who did he chose
    (PARIS) I choose!
    Because I really like Hele-e-en
    And I’m in lo-o-ove
    So you are the fairest Aphrodite!
    (APHRODITE) Aphrodite has wo-o-on
    And now were all done
    Athena: WHAT?
    Hera: WHAT?
    Aphrodite: Word.