• Counting sheep as the sun begins to rise,
    Kissed you awake for that look of suprise;
    That every morning I wish for just to see,
    Now gravity spins, turning for you and me.
    The stars have faded, the birds don't sing,
    Lying together in the serenity of everything,
    Speachless apart from a lonely I love you,
    Dawn begins with the fresh feeling of new.
    Not forgotten are the words of the night before,
    Not a whisper now we have closed that door,
    Maybe I'm dreaming, are we back to the start?
    A lack of colour has painted our beating heart.

    Bird calls, a single leaf falls,
    And a kiss on the lips of something bittersweet,
    That the moon heard spit the cruel words of defeat.
    One million reasons to speak,
    Of things buried under the sheets.

    To get up and move on would be a curse,
    So we lay here in solitude forgetting the worse.