• Pushing the sacred boundaries of friendship
    watching as you pull away
    all i want is closer to you, climbing nearing the tip
    what is it that i have to say?

    pretending that we are, when cold truths stare me down
    ignoring their words, i always play the part of the clown
    never more then the humbled friend, old wounds, newly rend.
    moving into false dreams, rejection just around the next bend

    slow self reliazation sends me back down to cold reality
    hit the lowest valley of depair
    but i dust myself off, swearing to you, my feality
    hating every part of me, knowing this isnt fair

    telling myself this lie is something, better then none at all
    balancing dangerously on the brink, believing im on the ball
    trudging deeper into love, i make an excuse, a lie to the soul
    hope versus reason, the battle rages on, im still paying the toll

    Barely learning from my past mistakes
    maybe i should cool the jets, take it slow?
    sick of all the longing with the pangs and aches
    retreating to solitary safety, you cant ever even know