• from here i can feel the tapping of keys,
    from somwhere in the world..
    even though i don't know what he looks like.
    can he stay with me,please??
    he tells me of a beautiful angel of his
    and how wonderful they are,
    together ,somewhere across the foreign sky.
    let him type a little longer
    let him call me "miz"
    let him be mine for a mometn longer...
    before she becomes his.
    they've known eachother for quite a while
    while i've only known him for moments brisk.
    but please let him be mine a moments longer.
    before she becomes his.
    he tells me that he loves the snow ,
    though her never sees it.
    he says he'd die with without her,
    but please don't log off.
    not until i feel better...
    i barely even know him...
    but he says that if he were here
    hed chuck snow at my window...
    insted of pebbles...
    i'll tell him she'll be made for saying such things
    though i kow him brisk...
    he says that she's the girl for him...
    and he'll never let her go.
    he tells me when he's sad, mad or worse..
    he shows me things that he would like to give her...
    while i'macross the foreign skys,
    please don't log off...
    please be mine for moments longer...
    before he becomes hers.