• The soul, It cries,
    For the bright, blue skies.
    The soul, it tears,
    For all,
    Life meres.
    Tearing, And crying.
    Dieing, and sighing,
    The soul, The lonely soul,
    The soul, So dull,
    The dice, they roll,
    And no, Still low.
    The tears, they fall,
    The endless, long hall,
    Of life, on fire,
    For love, Desire,
    His heart, on fire,
    The soul,
    The crying soul.
    His heart,
    It burns,
    The eyes,
    They turn,
    To the end,
    The finish,
    Of the story,
    Of the soul,
    The tearing,
    The crying,
    The dieing,