• High up in the castle, on a rainy day.

    The princess finally saw her life in a different way.

    Past the beautiful dress, the prince still yet to come.

    She finally saw the pain, it almost made her numb.

    Tears stained her face as she thought of the future years.

    Mascara bled down her cheeks as she realized all of her fears.

    High up in the castle, day turning into night.

    A big part of her finally realized, nothing is alright.

    Things are different on this day, things are more real.

    She doesn’t like reality, the pain she can now feel.

    The truth cuts her deep, reality finally setting in.

    It’s a losing situation, but she still wants to win.

    Win the always and forever, win the happiness too.

    Still wants to win her prince, hear him say “I love you.”

    And if pain comes with all of this, that’s a chance she has to take.

    Because high up in this tower, she knows leaving is a mistake.

    Trapped in the surroundings of love and eternal care.

    The poor little princess, wondering when her prince will be there.

    Waiting for the pleasure, accepting all of the pain.

    It’s worth it all, because she know it has to rain.

    Rain on her love, just like it’s raining on the castle walls.

    But something beautiful is happening as the rain falls.

    A rainbow is forming, a light in the darkness of her heart.

    If the pain outweighs the pleasure, her rainbow still won’t fall apart.