• I see them all give me sad looks and I know they hear it.
    I just smile and act as if nothing is wrong and tell a lie as to what happened.
    I walk into the house to be greeted by you, so sweet and innocent.
    I know you remember.

    That night you came home angry after work.
    That night you grabbed me by the hair as I begged and pleaded for you to stop.
    That night the kids saw everything.
    That night I lied to our children about what happened.

    Our neighbor smiles at me with knowing eyes.
    Our whole street does as I act as if nothing is wrong.
    Our children know what happens.
    Our house is a prison to me.

    I walk into our home to be greeted by the pitter patter of little feet.
    I hug my babies the ones you gave to me.
    I look into there eyes and see you.
    I head to the bedroom for it all to start over again.