I am the forgotten child, born this day.
    Lost and alone, trying to find my way.
    I begged for someone, to hear my plea.
    But I lay in silence; no one came to comfort me.
    So sweet and innocent, like a newborn dove.
    Longing to be held, searching for love.
    So sad a fate, no life for a child.
    My mother’s tragedy, being raped and defiled.

    My mother was someone, she’d been a nurse.
    Those torrid memories, had become her curse.
    She turned her back, took us to the street.
    Turning tricks, and giving into defeat.
    A pimp and his drugs, soon came along.
    She bought into his story, into his song.
    I watched on, as my mother decayed,
    Having been torn apart, having been played.

    From infancy I knew, a life of abuse and neglect.
    I tucked away my feelings, having no self-respect.
    I wanted a way out, from this plane of reality.
    So I lost myself inside, where I found serenity.
    No one tried to help, or came to intervene.
    So I carried on, as if living was a dream.
    I prayed to God, for my salvation,
    From this nightmare, of my soul’s starvation.

    My mother’s poor choices, had sealed my fate.
    So slowly time passed, finally I turned eight.
    The social worker came, she whisked me away.
    In foster care I’d find, a permanent place to stay.
    But this was untrue, I was told a lie.
    From family to family, I was forced to fly.
    Seven homes later, adoption was sought.
    A change in my life, had finally been wrought.

    But this was also a lie, which I quickly did see.
    Tossed to the ground, with the waste and debris.
    Back to foster care I went, all hope now erased.
    A family for me, gone without a trace.
    I was so distraught, felt alone and betrayed.
    Forced onto drugs, my mind and soul soon decayed.
    A mere shadow of myself, now an anorexic waif.
    Picking holes in my body, longing to be safe.

    I had come full circle, become just like my mother.
    My life was stolen, my soul was smothered.
    It’s now up to me; should I choose life or death?
    My answer is clear, I choose to take another breath.
    Please God help me, understand the reasons why?
    So I can be free, to fly high and touch the sky.
    No longer allowing others, to determine my fate.
    Taking care of myself, eating and gaining weight.

    A message from heaven, a renewed sense of hope.
    I had to try harder, to learn how to feel and cope.
    My “forever family” has come, no more must I roam.
    I’m the fairy princess, whose castle is now her home.
    This is my reality, no longer living life as a dream.
    Because living life is better, like eating strawberries with cream.
    I’ve learned about loving, taught with kindness and grace
    I know true happiness, now that I’ve found my special place.