• What about me?
    What about us?
    What what we could be...?
    What I if I said,
    That I love you, babe?
    Would you just throw me away again?

    Would you take me back,
    Build me up then tore me down again?
    Would I still love you?
    Would you actually care for once?
    Would you love me for me?
    Or would you love an other girl?

    What about the girl I'll be friends with,
    Be her bridemaid and you'll marry her?
    Would I let it happen?
    Would I give you two my blessing?
    Will we be best friends, chatting then it happens again...
    You say 'I like you again'
    Would our 'I love you's' ruin every thing again?

    Me and you was it meant to be?
    Do we belong together or,
    Are we just going to live for eternity...
    With us trying to decide if we should,
    Be best friends who lie to your wife and to my friend,
    Be torn down the middle,
    Or straight up you and me forever?

    If its gonna be you and me forever,
    Would you love me and never let me go?
    Will you never leave me for the girl you should marry?
    Would you get on a white horse to my house,
    Burst through the door shouting and screaming,
    'I love you'?

    Would I actually believe you?
    Will I suffer for the billionth time or just the millionth time?
    Would we love each other more than Romeo loved Juliet,
    Or Juliet loved Romeo?
    Would we be lieing if we said,
    'Til death do us part'?
    Would we get that far again,
    And mean it forever and not just for an hour?
    Maybe the billionth time will make us lucky...
    Or would we suffer, forever?