• In regard to what
    You might have thought
    Instead of preaching that speech
    As I once believed I ought
    For once, I spoke not

    I remember, I remember well
    The words you spoke, the
    Great spirit you could invoke,
    That is, of course, before
    You fell.

    You fell, fell so hard,
    Down, down, deep into
    The enticing dark, and
    Then you lost it, lost that light,
    You lost your lovely spark

    And I cried, it was
    Loud and ugly and broken,
    I cried for you, I cried for me,
    I cried for anything and everything
    That you and me left unspoken.

    But I tried, I tried
    Hard not to let you see
    When I cried, I know
    That would make you feel worse,
    Pulling you closer to the curse

    But when you fell, fell
    To the dark, when you
    Could not hold onto that spark,
    I let it all out, and it was big
    And loud, it was a lament to shout.

    I still hold to what I
    Can, I think things you
    May have thought, what
    You would do and what not.
    I remember too, I remember well.

    That’s all I can do, and I
    Hope wherever you go, you
    Remember me too, and
    Maybe I’ll get to see you again
    Maybe I’ll meet you at end.