• Apologies are often open ended,
    If you don't mean it.
    You want to say it before you don't have the time.
    Somewhere out there,
    He's watching me.
    Somewhere out there,
    You're telling me it's alright.
    But it's not…

    Because when you're gone,
    And I'm watching you go.
    Where you're gone,
    And I'm left here all alone.
    When you're gone
    And they see,
    There was nowhere else to be
    But with you.
    I didn't get to say-

    I still whisper into the air at night,
    Though you're not there.
    I need you next to me but never again, no~
    If I could it take it all back,
    I'd do it over again.
    Turn it all around
    Someone needs to hold me back.
    Don't say it's alright,
    Because it's not.


    They'll say,
    And try
    To take it away.
    They'll say,
    To come
    In from the rain.
    And I'll say:
    "Here I am,
    Standing alone in this rain."
    All that I am is here to say.
    The only thing I'm missing is you.

    Because when you're gone,
    You said everything was gonna be OK.
    When you're gone,
    Nothing's ever gonna be the same.
    When you're gone
    And they see,
    Nothing but time could have broken us apart

    I'd say:
    I love you.